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Mobility is essential to the quality of life of the elderly. Mobility problems can impede participation in activities and even the performance of simple daily tasks, and can result in social isolation and/or depression of the elderly.

Studies indicate that an elderly person’s gait cadence/speed remains regular until the age of 70, decreasing by about 15% per decade thereafter.

Usually, the perception of mobility problems occurs only when a fall occurs, although there are other signs:

– Difficulty maintaining balance;
– Decreased reflexes;
– Changes in the type and/or speed of the steps;
– Difficulty getting up, sitting down, climbing stairs;
– Lack of enthusiasm to perform activities once appreciated;
– Among others.

Most seniors begin to limit their activities, believing that they are “no longer as physically capable.” However, staying active is the key to preventing mobility problems and promoting health and quality of life.

Other ways to help prevent mobility problems in the elderly include:

– Checking for any side effects of prescribed medications, some of which can affect balance, increase sleepiness, etc;
– Do check-ups on hearing and vision frequently, bearing in mind that any change in graduation, for example, may require extra attention;
– Promote a safe environment as much as possible, i.e., avoid rugs on the floor, adjust the lighting of the spaces, place handrails in critical areas, promote the use of appropriate footwear, etc.;
– Have a healthy and balanced diet, maintaining an adequate body weight;
– Evaluate, together with the doctor and/or physical therapist, the need to include a cane or walker to aid gait.

In short, reduced mobility in the elderly is a reality, and it must be accepted. Adopting strategies that promote mobility and prevent its associated problems is, then, essential!

Choosing to live in a Senior Home can bring benefits in the mobility of the elderly because these spaces are equipped with qualified professionals and all necessary services, ensuring a healthy routine and consequent well-being of its residents!

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