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Senior Age – Preventing Falls and Accidents


Reduced mobility and diminished reflexes are some of the consequences of aging. The loss of muscle mass and balance over time end up interfering with the performance of daily activities and, therefore, are mostly responsible for falls and accidents of the elderly, at home or on the street.

Falls can cause several types of injuries and even serious fractures, leading to a feeling of fear and concern not only by the elderly, but also by their relatives and caregivers.

As such, there is some preventive advice:

  • Wear comfortable and stable footwear with non-slip soles, avoiding the use of slippers;
  • Keep carpets fixed or non-slip and the floor dry and free of obstacles;
  • Use night lights during the night;
    If possible, install support bars in the bathroom;
  • Practice some physical activity in a regulated and appropriate way;

 It is a constant challenge to care for the health and well-being of the elderly, so choosing an institution that meets all the conditions for the new demands of life is essential to avoid domestic accidents and falls, whose consequences can be irreversible.

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