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Do you have a degree of dependency? Learn the advantages of requesting a Multipurpose Disability Medical Certificate


The Multipurpose Disability Medical Certificate is a document that proves the degree of physical or mental incapacity, permanent or temporary, of a user.
It is an essential document for a person with a disability to obtain certain tax benefits, social protection and also health and training support provided by law, whether provided by the State or partner entities.

Who is entitled to the certificate?
The Multipurpose Disability Medical Certificate is awarded to people who are disabled or have a serious medical condition. The certificate is not intended to assess a citizen’s ability to perform his or her professional activity. It is issued to retired citizens or those with active professional activity, as long as they present in the medical board, pathologies that, documented with clinical, imaging or other reports (for example: expert evidence or psychological tests), allow the evaluation of a degree of global incapacity translated into a percentage value.

What are the associated benefits?
Depending on the degree of incapacity attributed to the user, the Multiple Disability Medical Certificate entitles its holder to
– tax benefits
– exemption from moderate fees in the National Health Service
– priority attendance
– exemption from automobile tax
– non-urgent transport of patients
– social protection and support
– scholarships for higher education
– among others.

Patients with a degree of physical or mental disability equal to or greater than 60%, based on the National Table of Disabilities, are entitled to the benefits provided by law and previously described in the previous point.

Where can I request the Multipurpose Disability Medical Certificate?
The request to obtain the certificate must be made at the health center in your area of residence through a request for an evaluation of incapacity, addressed to the president of the medical board. The request should be accompanied by the medical reports and exams that support the request.

How long does it take for the document to be issued?
After you request the evaluation, you will receive a notification from the Medical Council, within 60 days, with the date and time of an appointment in which the degree of incapacity will be determined. The Medical Council will issue a Medical Certificate of Multi-Purpose Disability where a degree of disability will be attributed according to the pathologies in question. Even in the cases where the medical board considers it can dispense with the physical in-person evaluation of the applicant. After that a document will be issued and given to you.

I can’t go to the consultation to receive the document. What should I do?
If it is impossible for a user to go, if requested and justified, but always on an exceptional basis, a member of the medical committee can go to the citizen’s home and make the evaluation (for example, bedridden patients). The Medical Certificate of Multipurpose Disability must be received by the user to whom it has been attributed. The certificate is issued and delivered immediately after the face-to-face medical assessment.

Can I disagree with the degree of disability assigned?
Yes, if you disagree with the degree of disability that has been attributed in the certificate, you should lodge an appeal to the Directorate General of Health, through the Regional Health Delegate, within 30 days. If this appeal is granted, you will be summoned to a medical board of appeal to be re-evaluated.

How much does the issuing of the certificate cost?
The issuing of the Medical Certificate of Multipurpose Disability costs
– 12,50 EUR – issuance in medical board OR
– 25,00 EUR – issued by a medical committee of appeal.

What is the cost of issuing a certificate after a review or re-assessment medical committee?
The cost of renewing the certificate for review or re-assessment and for renewal of the certificate at the medical board of appeal is 5.00 EUR.

What do I have to do to start enjoying the benefits?
To start enjoying the rights of the Multiple Disability Medical Certificate you should go to the Tax and Social Security office in your area of residence and hand in a copy of the certificate.

Where can I consult my Multiple Disability Medical Certificate?
You can consult your certificate on the
– SNS 24 mobile application, by accessing the menu ‘My area’> ‘Multipurpose Certificate’
– personal area of the SNS 24 portal, accessing the menu ‘Preciso de’ > ‘Consult Atestado Multiusos’. Only certificates issued electronically on or after July 5, 2022 are available for consultation.


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