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Via Senior | Strategies to Help Senior Parents


As we get older, it is common for the needs of elderly parents to increase, and it is essential to help them. However, it may not be easy to understand exactly how you can help, especially if this help is not easily accepted by aging parents.

1. Empathize with aging parents

Although it is sometimes not easy to deal with the frustration or neediness of aging parents, the truth is that having empathy is essential. Aging entails a number of losses, such as job, social life, health, friends, mobility, etc., so putting yourself in your aging parents’ shoes may be a good strategy.

2. Make regular phone calls

Older parents often feel the need for attention, and hearing the voice of their children is often enough to simply brighten their day. Calling on a daily or regular basis will make all the difference.

3. Involve the whole family

It is necessary not to focus all the responsibility on one person. Involving the other members of the family, promoting communication, is fundamental to coordinate visits, divide tasks and even help with eventual costs that may no longer be supported by the elderly parents.

4. Encourage them to be active

Many elderly parents tend to become isolated because they have lost some mobility, hearing, vision, among other things, so it is important to help them stay active, both socially and physically. Physical activity is key to improving balance, stamina, strength, and even mood.

However, it is not uncommon for elderly parents to refuse their children help. So it is essential to talk with parents over time, even before they need more help and attention. In time, it is possible that they will tend to accept this help!

At an extreme point, considering that help is not accepted and that there is a certain danger associated with it, it is likely that it will be necessary to take firmer action. Seeking help from specialized professionals or skilled senior residences may be a good solution, even though initially the elderly parents may be hurt and angry. However, as time goes on, you can expect them to understand that it was in their best interest and safety.

Choosing to reside in a Senior Residence can bring benefits to the elderly because they are spaces equipped with qualified professionals and all the necessary services, ensuring a healthy routine and consequent well-being of its residents!

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