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Most people worry that they will become forgetful, thinking that this will be a first sign of Alzheimer’s disease. The fact is that not all elderly people with memory problems suffer, or will suffer, from Alzheimer’s.

There are numerous other factors that can trigger memory problems, such as:

1. Aging
There are several differences between normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease, for example forgetting what day it is and then remembering it, differs greatly from losing track of dates or even the time of year altogether.

2. Medical conditions
Such as tumors, blood clots, thyroid, kidney or liver disorders, medication side effects, and others can cause severe memory problems, and tend to go away once you get treatment.

3. Emotional problems
Such as stress, anxiety, or depression, can make a person more forgetful, and can be mistaken for dementia. The confusion and forgetfulness caused by emotions are usually temporary, tending to disappear when the problems go away.

4. Mild cognitive decline or other dementia
Normal aging is associated with a reduction in cognitive abilities in all its domains, which include attention, memory, cognitive function, language, etc.

In short, memory problems in the elderly are real and it is necessary to understand their real origin in order to be able to help in the best way. Depending on the origin and personal ability to help, it is important to understand if we need to ask for professional help.
Choosing to live in a Senior Residence can bring benefits to the elderly because these spaces are equipped with qualified professionals and all necessary services, ensuring a healthy routine and consequent well-being of its residents!

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