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Changing one’s lifestyle is not easy, especially when we are talking about older people. So, when looking for a Senior Residence, one looks for one that can bring the most Security and Quality of life possible.

The problem, sometimes, is that it is difficult to find a residence because it requires a lot of research and some associated bureaucracy. There are several factors to consider when choosing a Senior Residence, including: cost, location, health care and welfare, surroundings and activities, vacancies, etc..

LusoSenior is, then, a company dedicated exclusively to finding the ideal Senior Residence according to the characteristics and requirements of its customers. All this support provided by LusoSenior, is Fast, Professional and Free, regardless of whether the client enters or not the Residence.

Step 1 – I want to find a Senior Residence

Search on under RESIDENCES with your criteria. Contact us at 919992898 or [email protected]. Even if you don’t find the Senior Residence you are looking for, contact us. We have more options.

Step 2 – I am contacted by Via Senior

Via Senior has always a team at your disposal, that will answer within 24 hours. We will clarify your questions in detail and all your demands will be registered.

Step 3 – The Medical Team makes an assessment

After the first contact, to analyze the available options, you will be contacted again, now by our Medical Team, for a clinical evaluation. The objective is to define the resources you need. This evaluation will be done preferably by video call, at a time of your convenience, at no cost to you.

Step 4 – Enter the Residence

Once the decision is made, you will be received at the Residence of your choice, which will already have all the information to admit you. Once you have entered, we will follow up with you to guarantee your satisfaction.

Are you looking for a Senior Residence?
Contact us by submitting your request or contact us at 919992898 or [email protected]

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