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The importance of Sociocultural Animation in the Recidencies


“Sociocultural Animation is, according to UNESCO, a set of social practices that aim to stimulate initiative, as well as the participation of communities in the process of their own development and in the global dynamics of socio-political life in which they are integrated.

Sociocultural Animation (SSA) is a process that aims at the participant and creative awareness of the populations. It has its own methodology that, in general terms, has the following guidelines:

  • It is a deliberate and constant process aimed at stimulating people and groups to self-develop, mobilizing all their faculties, towards the resolution of their real and collective problems;
  • It is an awakening to the discovery and development of the potentialities and capacities of each community;
    It is the acquisition of the necessary competence so that the groups (the communities) are agents and not mere passive spectators.”

“With the increase in average life expectancy, we have seen a growing demand for nursing homes by the elderly, but also by their families.

To respond to such facts, the Sociocultural Animation can contribute to the care of their quality of life, being a permanent stimulus of the elderly.

Animation for the elderly should aim to help them to see aging as a natural process, in a positive and appropriate way, and to recognize the need to maintain physical and mental activities.

Animation linked to fine arts and motor skills enables the elderly to improve and maintain their autonomy and capacity for movement. Since they have a lot of free time, it is necessary to create occupations that respond to their personal and motivational interests.
motivational interests.

Thus, the programs of Sociocultural Animation should be appropriate to each type of group, establishing some general and specific objectives that can contribute to a marked improvement in their daily lives, where several types of activities can be developed, such as light physical exercise, reading of stories and poems, watching movies, workshops, outdoor outings, museum visits, games, etc.

Over time several concepts of Animation have emerged, but all with some common points, such as having a social or cultural function, or to stimulate participation.

The animator has an important social role to play, because his function is to stabilize the functioning of relations between individuals, as well as between individuals and society, and also to seek an access to culture for individuals who do not have the habit of communicating with objects or things, working at the level of creation and training”.

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