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Take care in cold weather


In addition to the risk of hypothermia caused by exposure to cold, there is also an increased risk of the spread of respiratory infections. Infections that can be serious if they are not treated early or if the person has other associated illnesses.

Given this risk, you should keep the temperature between 18ºC and 21ºC. If you use braziers, fireplaces, stoves or gas appliances, you should maintain good ventilation, avoid being too close to these heat sources, and very importantly, turn off or unplug these appliances before going to sleep.

Avoid wearing only one or two layers of very warm clothing, using several thinner layers, so the thermal shock will not be so great if you feel hot and need to take off some clothes, also avoiding perspiration.

Keep yourself dry and remember that a lot of heat is lost through the extremities, so when exposed to intense cold, it is necessary to wear a hat, gloves, and warm socks.

You should keep yourself hydrated, giving preference to hot drinks, soup, fruits and vegetables at mealtimes. The interval between meals should be shorter. Avoid alcoholic beverages and foods with a lot of fat.

Maintain a regular physical activity, avoiding direct exposure to intense cold.

Adapted from DGS

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