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The first weeks or months after retirement are usually about adjusting to new routines and saying goodbye to old ones. It’s a different process for each person, you know, but sooner or later you’ll find yourself looking for “something to do. Even if you have to pay attention to your grandchildren and old friends, you will certainly have some free time. If you are one of those people who often say or think that “learning never ends”, or that “knowledge has no place”, Senior Universities may well be what you are looking for.

Senior Universities are public or private, for-profit or non-profit entities that will help you fill your free time by creating and promoting regular activities in social and cultural areas of knowledge, learning, and socializing. 

The Senior Universities operate during working hours, during the week, following the school calendar (they open in September/October, with Christmas, Carnival and Easter vacations, and close in June/July), with subjects and activities as diverse as arts, computers, sports, social sciences and humanities, etc.

The subjects offered vary depending on the University, but the most popular are computer science, health, history and English.

The approach to active and successful aging is based on the recognition of the human rights of older people and the principles of independence, participation, dignity, care, and self-fulfillment. 

This approach is of twofold importance: from an individual point of view it is fundamental for a more active and positive seniority, and from a collective point of view it is in the general interest that society is made up of people who are not only physically but also psychologically healthy. The healthier and more active older people are, the greater the sustainability of health and social care services.

If you want to make a more informed decision, get some advice from your relatives or friends, and you can also talk to a specialist.

Decision aid is a subject that is sometimes underrated, but experience shows us that it is very useful. Especially because decision making is multifactorial, that is, it involves different elements of our life. But the important thing is to decide. And staying active is the best decision, and Senior Universities are a good option to help maintain that vitality.

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