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PSP recommendations for staying safe at home, on the road and on transport


Learn what to do in each of the situations.

If you are elderly or if you have relatives over 65 years, you should know that the Public Security Police (PSP) of Lisbon published some key recommendations for the safety of the elderly. The tips are divided into four ‘categories’: what to do at home, on the street, on public transport and in the vehicle. “Elderly people and safety”, is the motto of the publication.

  • In your home, “Always leave the doors and windows well closed before going out,” starts by advising the PSP, also stating that “you should not keep large amounts of money” in the dwelling.

Know your neighbors – they can be your eyes and ears when you’re not at home” and, also points out the Authority, “always have ‘at hand’ the phone numbers to be able to communicate with someone, especially the police.

  • On the street: “Do not display valuables and avoid having wallets in your hand or in the back pocket of your pants” and “take a discreet attitude when you go to the bank to withdraw or deposit money and pay attention to any suspicious situation. The officers stress that if you suspect that someone is following you, “enter a public establishment and contact someone you trust and/or the police”.

When traveling on public transport, the police say that you should “avoid being alone or isolated, especially at night”, and you should also make sure that “you can be seen by other passengers”. During the trip, “keep your bag closed and in front of your body”.

When traveling in your own car, there are also recommendations for these cases: “If a stranger approaches your car, be cautious and if you feel in danger, honk several times until you get someone’s attention.” If you think you might be being followed, “park in a safe place”, but “don’t drive home”. Finally, a fundamental tip: “Don’t carry/don’t give rides to strangers”.


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