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We are a Senior Portal that seeks to meet your needs at the level of Residencies and Homes, also offering diverse and updated health information, nutrition, practical advice for your day-to-day life, and a directory of services, mainly directed to those who are in their own homes.

We always appreciate your requests and suggestions, in order to continuously improve and to be able to meet the Senior universe in Portugal with the best solutions for each issue.


We have in our site the main Senior Residencies, with a very complete description of each one, with the main services offered and images of the common and private spaces.

On the home screen of the site. A box will soon appear where you can insert the place where you want to find, as well as define the price range you are looking for – an innovation of Via Senior, very important to be able to anticipate the value requested by each institution.

Many institutions may not appear in our Portal, for various reasons, including their privacy. Thus, and since we have the contact details of more institutions that we can present to you, we suggest that you send us a service request (button on the top bar of the main page), in order to fill out a form and tell us what you are looking for. You can also contact us by e-mail or phone.

By phone or e-mail, tell us from which institution you would like more information. You will be contacted by our team to clarify your questions. If you are still interested, you will be contacted by the Medical Team in order to ascertain your clinical needs.

Sometimes, some clinical needs may not be met in every nursing home and require specific treatments. In addition, the Medical Team will also inform the institution of the conditions required for the future resident, in order to have the most adjusted plan from the moment of admission.

There is no cost of any kind to the user. Any and all costs will be borne by the Residence or Nursing Home, without this being reflected in the monthly fee communicated and requested.



Here you can post all the resumes of professionals who wish to collaborate in the Senior area. Doctors, nurses, technicians and assistants, as well as any other work that may interest you in Residences or Home Support.

Through requests from our partners, there are constant needs, but varying in location, specialty and conditions. If your profile meets the requirements for a job offer, you will be contacted by our team. Only after a confidential preliminary interview with our team, to determine whether your skills and conditions meet the prerequisites, will we make your contact available to our partner.

No, the job offers are not disclosed as a matter of discretion of our partners, however in some cases these may be public and disclosed by our means.


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