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Food hygiene and safety


Although it is not scientifically proven that contamination by COVID-19 can occur through food, it is important to ensure proper preparation and cooking conditions. The environment and surfaces that come into contact with food are important and must be properly sanitized to prevent microorganisms from multiplying and endangering human health. 

To properly wash and disinfect vegetables and fruits, the following steps are recommended: 

1. Remove the decayed parts; 
2. Wash vegetables and fruits one by one (or leaf by leaf) under running water; 
3. Measure out 2L of water and place in a clean container; 
4. Add two tablespoons of bleach (sodium hypochlorite 2-2.5%); 
5. Submerge the vegetables in the solution and let stand for 15 minutes; 
6. Rinse all leaves, vegetables and fruits thoroughly with plenty of water; 
7. Remove the excess water, using a colander. 

In addition to washing and disinfecting the vegetables, Nutrialma® also recommends: 

– washing hands thoroughly before starting any preparation or cooking; 
– disinfect all food packaging before opening; 
– respect products’ expiration dates; 
– sorting the food and discarding those that may have rotted; 
– do not use the same utensils (such as knives) for different foods; 
– separate raw food from cooked food; 
– consume the food right after cooking to prevent contamination from occurring; 
– keep leftovers in a well-sealed container in the refrigerator. These should be consumed as soon as possible, within a maximum of 3 days. 


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