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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Senior Residence


Changing one’s lifestyle is not easy, especially when we are talking about older people. So, when looking for a senior residence, one looks for one that can bring the most security and quality of life possible. The problem, sometimes, is that it is difficult to look for a residence because it requires a lot of research and some associated bureaucracy.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Senior Residence, including:

  • Cost: In most cases, this is the factor that is equated first. Analyze what the financial availability, or what one is willing to spend, according to the type of service / convenience desired, is important to start a search and make a decision.
  • Location: Considering the desired geographical location or locations according to proximity to family/friends, and even to certain services, is important.
  • Type of accommodation: Doing research that takes into consideration the type of accommodation is fundamental. Assessing the degree of autonomy of the elderly and possible need for more specialized care, may dictate the choice between a more independent solution (individual rooms or villas) or more dependent (collective rooms).
  • Health care and well-being: The services made available by the residences should be equated according to individual needs, for example in the case of elderly people suffering from illness it is important to have specialized monitoring. Other services such as nursing, psychological support, and speech therapy should also be considered according to need.
  • Involvement and activities: Services such as hairdressing, barbering, library, and laundry may be important when choosing a residence. Access to gardens and living spaces, as well as activities and physical exercise, promote quality aging and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Vacancies: This is a key point in the search for senior residences, because it is not always easy to meet all the requirements mentioned above, and still have access to a vacancy. Thus, it is very important that the search be done some time in advance and not only when a major/urgent need arises.
  • Other: Before the final decision is made, it is also important to know in detail the internal policy of the senior residence with regard to, for example, the regime of stay and visits. The proximity of family and friends is essential to the overall well-being of the elderly, so this should not be compromised.

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