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Covid-19 Vaccination Plan


The Covid-19 Vaccination Plan was presented on December 3rd by the Government and the Ministry of Health where the priority groups for vaccine administration were defined, as well as the established vaccination phases.

The vaccine, which must be taken in two doses, will be free, universal, and optional. The implementation of the plan will be the responsibility of the SNS and the first vaccines will begin to be administered in January 2021. In the first phase, the vaccine will be administered to priority groups that include people over 50 years old with associated pathologies, residents and workers in nursing homes, and health and essential services professionals.

According to the Coordinator of the Vaccination Plan against Covid-19 in Portugal, Francisco Ramos, in a second phase, the priority will be for people over 65 years old without associated pathologies, and people over 50 years old, but with a wider range of associated pathologies, such as diabetes.

In a third phase, the vaccine will be administered to the rest of the population, and the groups in this phase will be reviewed depending on the pace of vaccine delivery.

In the presentation of the plan, the person in charge estimates that 950 thousand people will be vaccinated in the first phase, being 250 thousand the group of homes, 400 thousand people over 50 years old and associated comorbidities, and 300 thousand professionals. In the second phase, 1.8 million people over 65 will be vaccinated.

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