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Covid-19: care in homes and residences


Right now we are seeing an exponential growth in the number of cases of Covid-19 infection in Portugal.

We have seen in other countries (because fortunately we haven’t had cases in our country yet) that the vast majority of deaths are in older age groups, skyrocketing from 70 onwards, and in the chronically ill.

It is fundamental that this population is protected as much as possible!

In addition to the closure of visits already proposed by the DGS, we remind you that hand disinfection, the use of masks, caps, and disposable gowns should be used by workers.

Any patient with flu symptoms should not leave their room. If they share a room, the other employee should also maintain isolation measures even if he or she has no symptoms.

All employees who have difficulty breathing, fever, coughing, body aches, or headaches should stay home, as should those who have been in unprotected contact with Covid-19 infected patients, even if they are asymptomatic.

Patients should only go to the hospital if they have difficulty breathing or a decrease in peripheral O2 saturation. If they only have symptoms of fever, body aches, cough, or headache, they should be symptomatically treated with paracetamol.

The recommendations are still being updated, according to the evolution of the pandemic.

These recommendations are general and should be adapted as best as possible to the reality of each institution.

For any questions, the medical and technical team of LusoSenior is at your disposal.

José Bastos Lino

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