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Complement by Dependence


It is a cash benefit given to the following citizens who are dependent and need the help of another person to meet the basic needs of daily life:

  • Invalidity, old age and survivors’ pensioners of the general social security system and voluntary social insurance system;

  • Non-contributory old age and survivor’s pensioners and alike;

  • Beneficiaries of the social inclusion benefit;

  • Beneficiaries who are not pensioners of the above regimes and are carriers of a disease that can lead to special disability.

Award Conditions:

Needing the assistance of another person to meet the basic needs of daily living, including:

  • Performing household chores;
  • Meals support;
  • Support for locomotion;
  • Support in hygiene care.

Dependency status is certified by the Social Security Disability Verification System and graded as:

  • 1st degree – people who cannot perform, with autonomy, the indispensable acts for the satisfaction of the basic needs of daily life (acts related to feeding or locomotion or personal hygiene care).
  • 2nd degree – people who accumulate the dependence situations that characterize the 1st degree and are bedridden or present severe dementia.

Concession period:

  • It is paid while you are still dependent on others and are receiving the benefit entitling you to the supplement, if that is the case.
  • It is paid from the month following the month in which the application is submitted, provided that on that date the person concerned meets all the conditions for entitlement to the supplement.

If this is not the case, the supplement will only be paid from the month following the month in which all the conditions for entitlement are met.


General regime – old age invalidity and survivors’ pensions

1st grade 105,90 euros; 2nd grade 190,61 euros

Special scheme for agricultural activities – invalidity, old-age and survivors’ pensions


Non-contributory or similar regime – old age social pension, orphan’s and widow’s pensions

1st degree 95.31 euros; 2nd degree 180.02 euros.

How to apply:

Through the request, Mod.RP5027-DGSS which must be presented, with the documents indicated in it:

  • At the Social Security reception services;
  • At the institutions foreseen in the applicable international instruments and, in their absence, at the services of the institution that manages the pension to which he is entitled, in the case of a beneficiary residing abroad.

The application can be obtained from the link:

or at any Social Security office.

For more information, visit the link:

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